Banners Are Great Communicators

Did you know that your business becomes invisible over time. It’s human nature to notice new colors or changes in our everyday scenery.

If your storefront or business remain the same, people quit looking at it. A banner can change that. They wave your message and show your customer you are working to earn their business.

You have the ideas and promotions that keep things current and it reminds them you’re there!


Banner City Signs & Graphics has been making banners for over 30 years. Our quality and construction are the benchmark for true outdoor durability.

Most banners that you purchase on the internet are NOT suitable to hang outdoors.

They are often produced with no seams, or at best, seams that are held together with double-sided tape. Winds and temperature will quickly cause this construction to fail and tear apart your banner.

The next common problem that we often see is sewing the seams of the banner. This process alone, simply creates a perforation down the seams of the banner and results in the same type of malfunction.

The only process that holds up to the wind and weather is to double stitch the seams with a one inch wide nylon webbing sandwiched in between the seams. Our webbing has a 600 lb. rating and holds the seams together regardless of the perforations. We also extend the webbing out past the end of the banner to create ties to hang it up. So now the banner is not resisting the wind forces, but he webbing is the strength than holds the banner in place.

This is a process that we developed 30 years ago and it’s still the gold standard.